Jordan from Alfex Laser is a laser engraving expert and long-time CorelDraw user.

With almost 20 years experience selling and supporting laser cutting & engraving systems and training people on how to use them, Jordan is renowned for helping all levels of CorelDRAW users increase their skills and get the most out of the program for their specific business application. 

Alfex Laser has Australia's largest range of lasers for marking, cutting and engraving. 

CorelDraw for Laser Cutting & Engraving - Essential Skills

New to the world of laser engraving and struggling to learn CorelDraw? ...or maybe you've been using CorelDraw for a little while and are looking to improve your basic skill set? It can be a daunting task to learn a powerful graphics program like CorelDraw - especially if you have little or no previous experience. This Beginner course will start right from the beginning to teach you all the basics of CorelDraw that are relevant to using it with your laser engraving & cutting machine - we will ONLY cover the important things you need to know and we'll SKIP the rest! Rather than searching through 1000's of videos on websites and YouTube to try and find the ones you need (sometimes you may not even know what you need!), this course has been specifically designed to teach you only what you need but most importantly it will teach you in the correct order. The aim here is to slowly progress you through the different tools and techniques to eventually bring you up to a level where you can easily start creating your own laser-ready designs. Once you nail everything in here you'll be ready to move on to the Intermediate course!
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CorelDraw for Laser Cutting & Engraving - The Intermediate Course

Want to improve your basic CorelDraw skills? Building on what was covered in the Beginners Guide course, we now take a dive into some more technical skills and techniques to really accelerate your design ability.  Some of the topics we'll cover include; how to create cake toppers and other welded designs how to create text effects for more impact how to trace bitmaps and convert them to vectors how to redraw logos from scratch how to remove the background (cut out a subject) from a photo how to manage layers and use them to your advantage what is colour mapping and when should you use it and much more!
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How to use CorelDraw Print Merge

Do you create lots of nameplates, all with different information on them?  ...and are you wasting hours manually typing in all the info that your customer has already provided you? Learning how to use CorelDraw Print Merge can literally SAVE YOU HOURS !! Rather than having to manually create and edit each individual nameplate you need, using Print Merge you only need to create a single plate and then CorelDraw will do the rest - automatically creating as many plates as you need, even with unique information on each depending on the list of data you choose to use. In this course you will learn: How to collect and organise your data for engraving/printing (list of names, serial numbers etc) How to access the Print Merge Wizard How to prevent long names or words running out of bounds How to correctly set up your print merge template and merge the data How to use the imposition tool  This video course will walk you step-by-step right from the beginning of creating our template all the way through to having Print Merge automatically create 100 nameplates all with different information on them.  You can even download both the CorelDraw template file and the list of 100 different names/job titles that we'll be using in the video so you can follow along and try it yourself - plus there are written instructions included as well!

Nesting for Laser Cutting - A Complete Guide

Nesting is the process of arranging all of your parts to be cut into the smallest possible area to maximize material usage. In this course we'll cover 3 different programs for nesting your jobs. First I'll demonstrate a free option, next we'll use a program that lets you decide what you want to pay and finally I'll show you a paid version. After this you'll be well prepared to make your own decision on which option will be best to suit your needs

What Our Students Have To Say...

The CorelDRAW course has enhanced my efficiency, speed and knowledge of the program. Sensational.
Sam Pezzimenti
Very satisfied with the course, easy to understand and very useful.
Jacinthe Rizkallah
Very satisfied with the training! Went through all the basics and learnt different tips to make different projects easier and faster.
Jessica Downing
Excellent and well presented. I have an improved understanding of CorelDRAW features.
Phil McLean
Improved my skills by learning shortcuts, using different fonts, welding and more. Learnt new features I didn’t know about.
Ewen Bentzen
I’ve learnt all new skills as I had had no previous experience with the program. Very easy to follow along and trainer worked at a pace suitable for absolute beginners. Very satisfied!
Zane Scott
I found the information highly useful and relevant. I can now navigate CorelDRAW and I really liked how we could apply what we were learning immediately.
Alex Sciutto
Beginners CorelDRAW trainig was very useful, looking forward to trying out the new knowledge!

Trish Whitlock
Very satisfied with this training, thank you. I learnt additional options that will save me time in the workplace. Recommend!
Darren Turner
I’ve learnt all new skills with having no previous experience with the program.
Anon. Brisbane
We've been wanting to do a couple of jobs,  now we have the skills and confidence to do them! Thanks!
Craig Matheson
The course enhanced by efficiency and I liked how there were lots of examples applied to my usage.
Robin Jackel
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