CorelDraw for Laser Cutting & Engraving - Essential Skills by LaserCoach by Alfex Laser

CorelDraw for Laser Cutting & Engraving - Essential Skills

Learn ONLY what you need to know to start creating laser-ready designs in CorelDraw


New to the world of laser engraving and struggling to learn CorelDraw?

...or maybe you've been using CorelDraw for a little while and are looking to improve your basic skill set?

It can be a daunting task to learn a powerful graphics program like CorelDraw - especially if you have little or no previous experience.

This course will start right from the beginning to teach you all the ESSENTIAL SKILLS of CorelDraw that are relevant to using it with your laser engraving & cutting machine - we will ONLY cover the important things you need to know and we'll SKIP the rest!

Rather than searching through 1000's of videos on websites and YouTube to try and find the ones you need (sometimes you may not even know what you need!), this course has been specifically designed to do all the hard work for you by bringing all that info into one place and concentrating on only the critical skills you need to learn - but most importantly of all it will teach you these skills in the correct order.

The aim here is to slowly progress you through the different tools and techniques to eventually bring you up to a level where you can easily start creating your own laser-ready designs.

Once you nail everything in here you'll be ready to move on to the Intermediate course!


"Your Beginning Guide is the perfect start for people like me at ground zero, as your style does not talk down to or insult in any way, someone who is just starting to learn these skills.  I really appreciate how each lesson just jumps right into it, without wasted time on anything other than what is needed.  Also, your layout format of filling the video frame with your Coreldraw screen allows us to be able to see the detail of what you're teaching when you go full-screen, and is a key factor in the course success, I believe."

Awesome Course!! So happy to have finally found training thats specific for people using laser engravers as it makes so much more sense than other Coreldraw training ive found online. Being able to see you on the screen at the same time as you teach so you can expain the steps in more detail is a massive help!"

I love the course, your style of bringing it, and think you're doing a fantastic job while also providing it all at an amazing value!  As soon as your intermediate course is available, consider another copy sold as I'm all in and can't wait to see the material you cover there."

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos File Icon 8 files


Video Lessons
Meet your Workspace
8 mins
Customising your Workspace
10 mins
Page Setup
4 mins
Creating Basic Shapes
10 mins
Freehand & other Line Tools
17 mins
Fills & Outlines
17 mins
Resize, Manipulate & Position
28 mins
Text Creation & Placement
32 mins
Grouping & Ungrouping
12 mins
Copy & Paste vs Duplication
14 mins
Guidelines & Snap Functions
11 mins
Alignment & Distribution
12 mins
Shaping Tools (Weld, Trim, Intersect, Boundary, Smart Fill)
23 mins
Fonts & Font Manager
12 mins
CorelDraw Tasks for you to try
TASK 1: Creating a Nameplate
12 mins
TASK 2: Creating a Drink Coaster
8 mins
TASK 3: Creating a Cake Topper
8 mins
TASK 4: Redrawing a Logo
14 mins
Files for Download
CorelDraw Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf
392 KB
CorelDraw Workspace Setup Instructions.pdf
391 KB
CorelDraw Workspace Backup.cdws
1.03 MB
LaserCoach Workspace for CorelDraw.cdws
1.03 MB
Task 1 - Nameplate Design File.cdr
20.8 KB
Task 2 - Drink Coaster Design File.cdr
21 KB
Task 3 - Cake Topper Design File.cdr
84 KB
Task 4 - Redraw Logo Design File.cdr
41.2 KB
Jordan from Alfex Laser is a laser engraving expert and long-time CorelDraw user.

With almost 20 years experience selling and supporting laser cutting & engraving systems and training people on how to use them, Jordan is renowned for helping all levels of CorelDRAW users increase their skills and get the most out of the program for their specific business application. 

Alfex Laser has Australia's largest range of lasers for marking, cutting and engraving. 


How long do I have access to the course?

Forever!!! You'll have access to this course wherever you can access the internet and best yet you can access it on any device

I'm a total beginner, is this course for me?

Yep, this course assumes you have either never used CorelDraw before or you've only had limited experience

If I have any questions or feedback how can I reach you?

I'm always happy to hear from you and would love your feedback! You can reach me via email here 

What version of CorelDraw do you use in the course?

I'll be using CorelDraw X8 but everything taught in this course still applies to pretty much all of the more recent versions including those both older and newer

I already have a basic understanding of CorelDraw - should I still do this course?

If you already have a basic grasp of CorelDraw I'd recommend you still quickly check out exactly what we cover in this course in case you decide its still for you, otherwise my CorelDraw Intermediate Course sounds like it could be perfect for you!

Do I need to own/use a laser engraver to to do this course?

Definitely not! This course applies to anyone interested in learning how to create vector based designs. I will refer to certain things that relate to lasers however the lessons all still concentrate on teaching you all the essential basics of CorelDraw and working with vector designs

Can I see an example of the course?

You can view a preview of one of my lessons above to get a feel for how I do things. You'll notice I'm right there with you the entire way to help clearly explain everything I'm teaching 

When does the course start and finish?

When you enroll, you get immediate access to the entire collection of videos and instructions. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish