How to use CorelDraw Print Merge by LaserCoach by Alfex Laser

How to use CorelDraw Print Merge

Do you create lots of nameplates, all with different information? 

...and are you WASTING HOURS manually typing in all the info that your customer has already provided you?

Learning how to use CorelDraw Print Merge can literally SAVE YOU HOURS!!

Rather than having to manually create and edit each individual nameplate you need, using Print Merge you only need to create a single plate and then CorelDraw will do the rest - automatically creating as many plates as you need, even with unique information on each depending on the list of data you choose to use.

In this course you will learn:
  • How to collect and organise your data for engraving/printing (list of names, serial numbers etc)
  • How to access the Print Merge Wizard
  • How to prevent long names or words running out of bounds
  • How to correctly set up your print merge template and merge the data
  • How to use the imposition tool 

This video course will walk you step-by-step right from the beginning of creating our template all the way through to having Print Merge automatically create 100 nameplates all with different information on them. 

You can even download both the CorelDraw template file and the list of 100 different names/job titles that we'll be using in the video so you can follow along and try it yourself - plus there are written instructions included as well!

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 2 files


What is Print Merge?
3 mins
How to use Print Merge
Print Merge Demonstration
22 mins
Files for download
List of 100 different Names & Jobs Titles.csv
3.74 KB
CorelDraw Print Merge Instructions.pdf
402 KB
Jordan from Alfex Laser is a laser engraving expert and long-time CorelDraw user.

With almost 20 years experience selling and supporting laser cutting & engraving systems and training people on how to use them, Jordan is renowned for helping all levels of CorelDRAW users increase their skills and get the most out of the program for their specific business application. 

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