Nesting for Laser Cutting - A Complete Guide by LaserCoach by Alfex Laser

Nesting for Laser Cutting - A Complete Guide

See demonstrations on 3 different Nesting programs. The first is free, the second offers pay what you want and the third is paid. Find out which is best...

...What is Nesting?

Nesting is the process of arranging all of your parts to be cut into the smallest possible area to maximize material usage. It can be done manually or automatically, the latter being the preferred option in most cases. 

...Why is it important?

If you are laser cutting sheet material then Nesting is a way you can save a LOT of material, which in turn means you can create more parts and make more $$$

...How do I start Nesting???

You can nest your parts manually using a design program such as CorelDraw, where you would place all of your part close together and also rotate them to fit as tightly together as possible. 

Manual nesting is free but it can take a bit of time to perform, especially if you have a large number of parts made up of different shapes and sizes

In order to nest your parts automatically you'll need to use a nesting program. There are a wide variety of nesting programs out there in both free and paid versions - and some definitely work better than others.

Auto Nesting programs can save you huge amounts of time by very quickly optimizing the layout of your parts to minimize material usage - no matter if you have 10 parts or 10,0000 parts!

...Which one is right for me?

We have created several demonstrations using different Auto Nesting programs so you can decide for yourself which one will suit you best. It will be a decision on the process involved in creating the nest and also whether or not you are happy to pay for it.

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What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos


'Free' Nesting Program Demonstration
9 mins
'Pay What You Want' Nesting Program Demonstration
9 mins
'Paid' Nesting Program Demonstration
12 mins
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